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I don't know much about the Maplelea dolls. I looked at their website, do they not have stores is is it just online. How do the dolls look in real life?
DD1 got a Maplelea doll for her birthday this past January. They seem very similarly made to the AG dolls. They are for sure similar quality. The hair brushes out very easily even after getting messed up. Each doll comes with a journal detailing her life. DD1 has Jenna from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. It would be great if they could add books about the dolls. DD1 had the choice of Maplelea or AG and chose this one because she wanted something specifically Canadian. AG isn't super popular in her school so there wasn't a ton of peer pressure to get the AG although a few of her friends do have them and I think she's the only one with the Maplelea but she doesn't seem to care. They all play with them together.

I didn't realize AG is open here already. It's not that far from me but not in a mall I typically go to so haven't been there yet.