I haven't biked in a really long time, but I would love to pick it back up, DH and I had just started going on some rides when I got pregnant with DS. I don't really have a bike at this point since I was using FIL old bike and I didn't really think it fit me all that well. Do you have any recs/suggestions on how to get started? I'm thinking best kind of bike to haul around an extra 30lbs + and then if I should start with a seat or a trailer or ??? I've been looking on CL and I get quickly overwhelmed. Reminds me of early carseat/stroller shopping, lol. DS is 30 months, DD will be a year at the end of the year. I guess I'd have to get a trailer if I wanted to haul both of them? Seems like they would enjoy sitting on the bike close to me and being higher off the ground, and right now I think I'd be ok with a set up for just 1 kiddo to start, given how young DD is, I'm thinking I would just take DS until I got more comfortable with it. Thanks for any pointers you can provide!