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Thread: Name Labels?

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    Default Name Labels?

    Hi Canadian mamas and papas! MIL wants to send some clothing labels to her mom in NL. Is there a company that you prefer? TIA.
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    I use Mabel's Labels. They're based in ON. The prices are similar to some of the other companies rec'ed here especially if you can find a coupon, and IIRC they have free shipping which is a big deal considering Canadian postal rates, and what it now costs to ship to Canada from the US.
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    Yes, look at Mabel's Labels - ours have held up for a crazy seven years. I've also ordered clothing labels from Name Bubbles, but I think that the style offered at Mabels's Labels is easier to read, which seems like it may be a good thing for more-elderly people.
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    Sorry for the late reply, but I thought I would chime in. I ordered some from Oliver's Labels. You put in the order online and then can pick them up at Staples - I think it was possibly the next day?! Very fast, anyway. They also offer free shipping if you don't have a Staples nearby. Quality has been great, and the choices of designs are great. We love them!
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