I ordered a bracelet on 11/30 as a gift. I then heard nothing for two weeks. Phone line is busy day in and out. Emailed and was told they would get back to me, which they didn't. Finally shipping notice arrives and bracelet arrives 12/17- 18 days for one bracelet, and my credit card was charged the day I ordered.

I went to an actual store to try to buy a duplicate of the bracelet, since it was a gift I needed 12/15. I told the salesperson my intention to return the other bracelet when it arrived. Salesperson rang me up and then after I sign, tells me no returns, exchange only- despite the fact that I told her my intentions before I bought. I made her void the sale. She would provide no proof that she voided.

if you want the bracelet, but it at bloomingdales or somewhere else. This company is in the stone ages- over 2 weeks to ship, no customer service, no returns? No thank you!