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    update in OP
    mama to
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    I missed your original post, but I'm so glad to hear that the condition is manageable and not something more scary!

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    I know my case was probably very rare, but wanted to share. I was diagnosed with SVT (they caught it on a monitor) and put on a beta blocker in my early 20's. I still had episodes once in awhile but not as severe as before. I started noticing I got these episodes whenever I got this "full" feeling at the bottom of my neck. I got that feeling often when I laid down or right after I ate. I mentioned this to the cardiologist at my check up and he thought it was a coincidence. I then went to an allergist for my seasonal allergies who asked why I was on a beta blocker because I couldn't be on one to start allergy shots. When I started to explain this weird feeling I got during these episodes, he finished my sentence and described it to a T. Turns out I was allergic to beef and he thought it was a reaction to the beef. He thought it was severe reflux. I stopped eating beef and sure enough haven't had a problem since and was able to go off my meds. I do get the feeling and palpitations once in awhile, but if I take a tums immediately it goes right away so I know it's reflux related. The allergist said something about the pressure from the reflux was pushing on my heart and causing the SVT. It was strange but wanted to share!

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    My DH and his dad both had SVT.
    I know it can get pretty uncomfortable to the point where they had to just stop everything and sit down.

    My DH had the ablation surgery over 10 years ago and it was a quick outpatient surgery.
    He said it was the best decision he ever made.

    His dad had surgery soon after that and has never had an episode since.

    If you have any questions about the procedure feel free to PM me and I can ask my DH for more details.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marie View Post
    The cardiologist confirmed that I have SVT (supra ventricular tachycardia) which is benign but annoying. Treatment options discussed were: going on a beta-blocker, having ablation procedure, and taking a wait-and-see using various techniques to slow my heart when it happens. I'm going with a low-dose beta-blocker for now. It got really scary - the day of the OP I could barely get my heart rate to go down and stay down, the palpitations kept waking me up through the night, etc. Interesting to note that (and sorry for the TMI) on the Monday when things were so bad AF started with some spotting, and by Tuesday AM (after being up a lot of the night with palpitations) AF started full force and the episodes stopped completely and I haven't had one since. (There were a few days between that day and the start of the beta blocker.) I'll be monitoring this month's cycle closely to see if there seems to be a hormonal correlation.


    Anyone here have experience with tachycardia?

    I started noticing heart palpitations back in late August/early September but they were pretty random and not happening often - just enough to notice (couple times/week, not lasting long). This month they've picked up a lot and I finally called the doctor. Saw the NP and she sent me for an echocardiogram and Holter monitor. They never called me with results so I called and talked to a nurse who quickly looked over my file and said "echo looks good, you had two episodes while wearing the monitor (yup - i knew that!), looks like the NP wants you to see cardiology." Been waiting and waiting to hear back from them (they set it up the appointment for some reason?) and I finally called back today and I fell through the cracks.

    In the meantime, the episodes are getting worse - much more frequent and lasting longer - starting on Christmas Day. I downloaded a heart rate monitor app so I can really get an idea of how fast it's going (170-190) and for how long. In my appointment with the NP, she mentioned that there is some evidence that this sort of thing (her initial diagnosis is Supra ventricular tachycardia) can be hormonal and they frequently see it in women in their 40s. Interesting because today AF arrived... is this a new part of PMS?!?

    Anyway, just curious if anyone has experienced it. Trying to prepare myself for my appointment with the cardiologist.

    Very glad your situation is benign. Would you be willing to share what techniques the cardio told you about to slow things down?

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