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    Default Rashes (alternative title: I shouldn't have such a hot doctor)

    I'll openly admit that my PCP looks like Justin Timberlake. Ohhhh baby, it makes most of my doctor's appointments easy However, it's times like these that I regret having an attractive doctor, LOL.

    I went to Disneyland this last weekend. Hopped into the hot tub at the hotel (non-Dis hotel), and almost immediately jumped out, as my legs burned instantly. I noticed a red, bumpy rash on my legs when I got out of the hot tub (seriously, sore muscles were worse than the burning on the skin at that point). I thought, "Oh, it's Disney rash. Interesting. I've never had it before; I didn't think it would be where my jeans covered, though!" After the hot tub, I took a shower in my hotel room, using my regular soap, before putting on clean, fresh jeans, and going back to the parks.

    Now I'm back home, and I've got 2 very separate rashes going on, and wanting to try something (anything!) that could work before going to Mr. Yummy Doctor and moon him to show him one of the rashes!

    So, rash #1: Red pimples on about 6 different spots on my lower legs, each about the size of the palm of my hand. I'm thinking folliculitis based on the itchiness, the pimple look, being in a public hot tub. But I'm seriously ready to cry from the itchiness. (It doesn't look like chicken pox--I get shingles on my neck, so I'm aware of that look/feeling.) I did shave my legs right before we started the vacation, so the hot tub was about 2 days after the shave. The bumps aren't like typical razor-bumps that would happen in other areas.

    Rash #2: Red, flat, scratchy/rough rash on each rear-cheek and on my upper hip on the side. All 3 patches are growing (at least, according to DH, when comparing yesterday to today), irregular borders, about the size of the palm of my hand, maybe a little larger on one of my cheeks.

    So far I've tried.... "intense moisture" lotion (thinking maybe dry skin component), Crabtree and Evelyn hand therapy (thought it might be soothing), prescription hydrocortisone ointment 2.5%, hydroxyzine (antihistamine pill). Nothing has seemed to help.

    Any ideas of what else to try before having to drop trou in front of the cute doctor? (I'm thinking I may just call and ask for a female doctor for this, LOL.)
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    I'm not a doctor, but I did stay at a holiday inn last night:

    for the flat one, could be a fungus. There is a more scientific name than that, but basically red flat area after hot tub, fungus is a good possibility. For that I'd get some head and shoulders and apply to the affected area. H&S contains selenium sulfide, a good anti-fungal, or a get a good otc anti-fungal cream

    The other sounds like hot tub folliculitis:
    "Hot tub folliculitis" is caused by bacteria, such as pseudomonas, that can live in hot tubs. Infection of the hair follicles results in red, itchy bumps or pustules. These may go away on their own without treatment, or a doctor may need to write a prescription for medicine. I'd try an antibiotic ointment on it. They take a couple weeks. warm water and vinegar compresses a few times a day can also help provide relief

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    Sorry, I don't know what those rashes are, but my recommendation is see the hot doctor :-)

    Hope they go away soon!

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