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    Default If you don't drink water, what do you drink?

    I love plain h2o when it's hot or when I'm dying of thirst. But I just don't enjoy h2o as my every day, all day drink. I have a cup of coffee with creamer with breakfast but then lack for what to drink with lunch (I pack my lunch ) and dinner. I find I crave flavor and yet I'm not a fan of fruit juice. I end up drinking soda more than I want to (once or twice a week). I avoid those flavor packets because of the aspartame. I'm sure I'd like fusion waters (soak fruit) but don't have the fridge space at home or work to have a pitcher of water and fruit. Wegmans has a carbonated flavored water (no sugar or aspartamed) that I like but hate spending the money on water when it's free from the tap. Curious what others drink throughout the day?
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    green tea
    peppermint tea
    I drink both hot and cold and make my own iced in mason jars
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    I drink tea, iced unsweetened usually but have been on a hot kick lately with the weather. Have you tried the True Lemon packets? It's somehow crystallized, no sweetener, lemon juice. Also comes in lime and grapefruit. They have drink mixes that are sweetened with stevia, but I don't like stevia. The True Lemon stuff works in carbonated water (if you have a Soda Stream for example), but leave space in your glass (don't add to the container) because it fizzes up.

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    Seltzer, iced and hot herbal tea, water with fresh lemon or lime squeezed in it. I do drink a lot of plain water, though. Sometimes I get cravings for flavor, and then I make lemonade or limeade. I consider that a special treat, though, because I either use sugar or stevia or a combination to sweeten it, and neither is good for me! I used to LOVE mixing fruit juice with seltzer. That was really delicious!

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    When I was pregnant I couldn't drink plain water and craved flavor. I would keep cleaned fresh cut citrus fruit - orange, lemon, lime, pineapple slices - in the fridge and add a couple of slices to a large glass every morning and fill it up throughout the day. It was just a hint of flavor to get me to drink it.

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    I like adding just a little lemon, lime, or orange to water. Sometimes peppermint tea or other teas, but not usually. I've been considering a soda stream, but I heard something negative politically (I can't remember what it was) that had steered me away from it.
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