DH might have a long term work assignment in Canada of 1-2 years. So we are exploring what a move to Canada might be like for our family. It would be to the Toronto area. We are excited about the possibility of exploring and learning about a new place. I'm the mom and worried about how it will impact my kiddos. I guess my biggest questions are about education and healthcare.

My DS is 5 and starting kindy in the fall. He will be 6 when the school year starts (we chose to redshirt him here). Is delaying kindy widespread in Canada? Will he be placed into first grade?

We chose to delay kindy because he has some fine and gross motor delays. He does not have a diagnosis, other than delays. We have him in physical and occupational therapy here. What would the process be like in Canada to get him into therapy?

Any info, thoughts, resources you could point me to would be really appreciated!