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    The training part is pretty important so dont skimp on that. Also, I know you said you're not concerned w/keeping other animals out, but with a 15lb dog, I'd worry about everything from stray dogs, to wildlife to thieves.
    All valid points. Our backyard is already almost completely fenced in, though, and for the most part we would be outside with the pup (he wouldn't be completely unsupervised) so that was why I mentioned not being worried about keeping other animals out. We just want him to be able to play safely off leash.
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    Agree with PP about the training. We did the professionally installed Invisible Fence that included a trainer coming out to work with us and our dog several times. They go through a whole process of setting out flags to mark the fence line, walking with the dog around it, shaking the flag at the dog and saying no, then eventually enticing the dog to cross the boundary and get zapped so they know what happens. Not sure how that process works with the DIY wireless ones but I would follow whatever training recommendations the manufacturer suggests.
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