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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetsue98 View Post
    I'm Asian, 5'6", 140lbs, not big by American standard but huge compared to people in china. People stare and point. I'm Asian and people stare... Can't imagine what kind of stares a Caucasian tall male would get.
    My DH is traveling to Shanghai and Taipei. I shared the info on this thread and warned him he may encounter some curiosity. He is a little over 6' and has ridiculously long legs so he looks taller than he is.
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    Was there a phone in your room? I can't understand why someone would bang on the door when they could call. I don't blame you for not opening it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by niccig View Post

    Western women are seen as easy to approach and the emphasis is on easy. ...
    This is what we were always told before our annual performance tours in high school, but especially if we were traveling overseas, and we "only" went to England!

    Our director would also "test" that we'd absorbed the information by going 'round to our rooms at night, covering the peep-holes, and banging on the door. If we opened the door, not only would we have 6' of former baseball player barging into our room, but we'd also get a lecture.

    I was never subject to this performance, for which I was thankful. I strongly suspect that Mr. Dalton figured I was level-headed and "responsible" enough not to be susceptible to a midnight door-knock.

    Anyway, if someone knocked on my hotel room door at 9:30pm, I would have flashbacks. And I would DEFINITELY not open the door!
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    Quote Originally Posted by squimp View Post
    Was there a phone in your room? I can't understand why someone would bang on the door when they could call. I don't blame you for not opening it.
    yes a phone in my room.
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    I think Niccig has some great tips regarding travelling in Asia. I spent quite a while in southern india and definitely dressed as conservatively as possible when out alone. I think you did the right thing with both situations.

    Trust your instinct, if you think something seems off, then do whatever you have to in order to protect yourself.

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    From having lived abroad:
    First and foremost, you need to dress way more conservatively than you would elsewhere. So no tank tops, no figure hugging/clingy things, shoulders/legs etc covered
    Two, be assertive. Sometimes you almost have to be angry. The hotel staff knows not to bang on your door, that situation would set off alarm bells. I would have gone to the front desk the next AM, compalined to the general manager of the hotel and threatened to call the police
    Three, you need to be very businesslike with the hotel staff, I would avoid smiling/laughing/drinking alcohol etc in front of them.
    I know it sounds horrible to say this, but you really have to be careful, I've lived in China for 2 years and used to travel all over and that part of the world in particular, as a woman traveling alone, you have to be very, very careful. I never faced these same issues in China or Malaysia or Singapore
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