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    Default Father of Sandy Hook Killer Speaks Out

    Adam Lanza's father, Peter, speaks out via an interview with a journalist from The New Yorker. I was apprehensive about reading this article but curiosity prevailed. It took me 3 sittings today to get through it. Having those who perished on my mind made it a difficult read. I have no words right now for his mother. What stood out the most to me was that he destroyed the one thing that had once made him happy - Sandy Hook Elementary School.

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    That is wrenching. And gives a lot of insight. Great reporting. Hard to read, but great reporting.
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    I thought this article was so well done. It is hard to believe that someone as thoughtful as the father could have a son who could do this, but I guess that is the point. Sounds like a terrible combination of factors. The article humanized the mother, though I still don't understand why she had guns. Would he have gotten them anyway? Maybe. I was most touched by the people who thought to write and comfort the father. His suffering must be exquisite, yet I will admit that I thought nothing of him or the mother until this read. I thought his decision to keep the name Lanza was so very touching. What a burden.
    I should add that a year ago a family member of mine killed his two children and then himself. I still do not know the whole story (happened in another country), but I think there are deeply troubled people out there (as opposed to evil) and it is more common than you think. The number of "mass murders" in the United States the last few years was staggering.

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    A heartbreaking, but incredibly well-presented article. I can't imagine the pain that is day to day life for all of those families, including Peter and Ryan Lanza.
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