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    It burned and stuck on the bottom.The first time, I turned it off, stirred everything to make sure no food was stuck, and then started it up again. The second time I had the beeping, I took all the food out, washed the pot, put everything back in, and got the beeping. I finally turned it off and gave up. When I went to wash the pot out this morning, there was food totally burned on the bottom again. I do remember seeing something in the instructions about the fact that the pot won't work if there's food stuck on the bottom. But I'm a little mystified as to why I would burn after I washed the pot, since I didn't go through the searing process again -- only regular pressure cooking.

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    Was this the recipe you made?

    I've made that one too, I think I posted it here...I didn't have any overheating problem. I think I followed it basically to the letter except for substituting black beans for the chickpeas since DH is not a chickpea fan.

    I can see why if the onions got a little too brown you would have the initial problem...but not sure why washing the pot wouldn't have taken care of the problem! I guess maybe I'd try again with another recipe and see if it's something wrong with your machine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwinFoxes View Post
    Elbenn, I think the plastic ring may be an extra silicone ring. Does it look like the ring on the inside of the lid?
    I think you are right. It looks like this. Did anyone else get an extra sealing ring outside (or inside) of their box?

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