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Yay!!! And I think if you don't feed him before a nap, he'll actually eat better when he wakes because he'll be really hungry. Maybe? That was our situation. My babies really didn't need food to sleep, and it made it harder once they were not a newborn, as I think digesting was distracting!
He slept for 45 minutes. Not long enough as I wished, but at least I know now that I can start putting him down awake and will keep working on that part at least.

I thought about that too, hoping he would eat better when he's hungry enough. I think I'm just so used to keep nursing and when he was newborn he ate a lot and this pattern just carry on until now and that's how we fell into this "nursing to sleep" pattern. So, I put him down again for 2nd nap now and he didn't want to nurse so I just let it be and he's still whining now... He kinda kept the pacifier in his mouth for about 20 seconds maybe then he spitted it out (bummer!) but we'll try again lol!