My son is 11 weeks and needs to be swaddled at night. We've just gotten to 12 hours of sleep each night but twice he's woken up because he broke out of his Miracle Blanket... last night I came in to find it wrapped around his head. He's a tall boy so the foot pouch on the MB doesn't fit anymore which is why he has been able to loosen it enough to get free. Since he hasn't been using the foot pouch, we have been putting him in a fleece sleepsack (under the MB) for warmth.

So... I am trying to figure out what to do here. He needs to be swaddled. He's tall. He's strong. He needs something for added warmth. The Halo sleepsack with swaddler won't work... I'm certain he could break free of those velcro flaps. Any ideas? I could also just keep trying with the MB to make it work... I was pretty freaked out to find it over his face though!