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    Default Cloth diapers when you were growing up...

    Remember cloth diapers of yesteryear?

    Were you raised in cloth?

    How about changing cloth diapers... anyone change cloth diapers before raising a family/having kids?

    Anyone babysit (way back when)... 70's/80's, when everyone still used nothin' but cloth diapers?

    Remember folding them?

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    I remember learning to pin a diaper on my brother! Good ole prefolds and "rubber pants"! I can also remember "dunking and swirling" the dirty ones in the toilet. I think this diapers are why babies learned the potty so much earlier than they do now! Uncomfortable! And moms were motivated to not have to wash any longer!
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    I was a nanny in the 90's for a family who used cloth, but also had a diaper service. They used prefolds and plain white wrap covers. I remember folding and putting them away, but other than that it really wasn't a big deal. Of course, I didn't have to wash them!
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    Quote Originally Posted by azzeps View Post
    I remember learning to pin a diaper on my brother! Good ole prefolds and "rubber pants"! I can also remember "dunking and swirling" the dirty ones in the toilet.
    This is what I remember from when my sister was a baby (late '70s). I used to love helping my mom fold the diapers! She even made a few for my dolls though I don't think that my fingers were strong enough to work diaper pins.
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    I actually remember wearing them! My mom stuck me with pins a few times. Both my older sister and I got horrible rashes from the disposables she tried. DH is older than I am and MIL used paper disposable liners and rubber pants with her kids. I changed a few cloth as a child but not many, and never had to fold them.
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    We were in cloth until my mom took a two-day trip by train with me in Pampers, then decided to stick with them when we returned home. This was in 1978 and I was 6 or 7 months old.

    I was surprised, based on her experience with cloth diapers of yesteryear, that she would be so excited about and supportive of my decision to CD. I had never seen a cloth diaper before I bought them for DD -- except those Gerber prefolds we used as burp rags for DS! I did go the easiest route with fitteds, but I use a flat every now and then, and it cracks me up that when she's all pinned/Snappi'd in, DS calls her an "old fashioned baby!"

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    My mom had my sisters and I in 76, 77, and 80. I remember my younger sister in diapers and they were the old fashioned prefolds (curity), pins, and a white rubber cover. I asked my MIL and and she said she used the prefolds and rubber covers for my DH (he was born in 72). My mom said that we girls all broke out in rashes when she tried to use disposables and MIL said she just couldn't afford disposables for my DH.

    I had a wide variety of diapers when I cloth diapered all three of my children. I had those good ole prefolds and flats with bummis covers, wool covers (that I knit), and fleece covers that someone sewed for me. Those were my go to when the kids had rashes because they breathed much better than anything else and because if I had to use any kind of cream I could bleach the heck out of them and they were fine with no damage. Interestingly enough. Disposables on my children were what caused the rashes and I would take a break from cloth when we would travel or I got behind on laundry and then I'd run right back to my cloth to get their rashes healed.

    I gave most of my cloth diapers away after my two sons potty trained and then our daughter was the surprise that made me shop again. Now I have a closet full of cloth diapers I have no idea what to do with since she potty trained (several months ago).

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    I know I was in cloth as an infant/toddler. My adoptive mom, wanting to be all things modern, put me in disposable, and it took them months to get rid of the rash I developed. I remember being 5 or 6, and our neighbors had a young baby. I still remember how big just a "regular" box of diapers was! We made that box into a Barbie house!

    My mom did daycare, and over the years, it was very rare to have any baby in cloth. And then one family came in, and they cloth diapered with a diaper service and prefolds. I would babysit (and eventually nanny for them), and loved being at their house on delivery day... Oh, those fresh, warm, clean diapers! And just so relaxing folding them! Their sons were born in the mid-90s, and while I know there were wraps out at that point, they still used pins and Gerber rubber/plastic pants. I have to admit, they told me I was their favorite babysitter because I could fold a diaper so well They just made cloth seem so "normal" that I never thought of *not* CD'ing my kids. I CD'ed my first foster toddler, and then did it again when DD came along. I would do it while my grandsons are staying at our house, too, but in a moment of stupidity, I sold all the supplies, and DH would whine about spending all that money for putting them in cloth a fraction of each month.
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    I was raised with cloth diapers, as i was born in another country and that's pretty much all that was used. instead of Snappies though my mom used cloth pins. and the covers were a lot less fancy than the ones these days!

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    My mother says that disposables gave me rashes, so cloth it was!

    She cloth-diapered all 4 of us and I have vivid memories of my younger brothers and sister in pinned cloth (prefold) diapers with "plastic pants" (Gerber brand.) We used the Gerber pins with the little yellow duckie heads.

    We had a diaper service when my brother Ger was a baby; I liked the delivery guy (his name was Tony.) The other thing I remember vividly was the diaper pail and how it stank! (Mom claims it was dry pail; I remember it being sloshy.)

    When a friend of mine considered cloth for her 1st DD, I looked for diaper services ... and couldn't find any in our area. I was so bummed! It would have been such a big help for her in those first few weeks.

    When DD developed a rash in the hospital I wasn't surprised ... but when the rash persisted, well, my mom bought us our first dozen prefolds. We used them overnight from the time she was 9 months old 'til she was almost 2. I would CD another baby in a heartbeat, but I'd start WAY earlier!!
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