When do they discontinue their current prints and introduce new ones? When they do this, do their soon-to-be-DCed print bags ever go on clearance anywhere?

I've been using a SkipHop Studio since my 2.5 year old was born and it's an awesome bag, but it has to be replaced. I'm set on JJB because they're good bags that are washable. I have found that washability is a must due to my husband's habit of spilling things inside of it. My Studio has been washed three times - I know that's not recommended, but the sour milk smell wouldn't come out any other way. It's lost some of its structural integrity and now there's a huge splotch of something on the outer bottle pocket from ice pack leakage

And I'm set on the BFF because we take a lot of day trips, meaning we pack extra toys, snacks, etc. And my H's Kindle. I want the backpack option too.