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    I have a question relating to privacy....I am using Flickr. When I post a picture, it links back to my flickr account with my other pictures in it. So, anyone can click on the photo i posted and be taken to my Flickr albums. How can I just put the pic in the post without linking back to anything? Use another file sharing service? Is there something I'm doing wrong? Thanks!
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    I don't know how you're getting the image link, but my suspicion is that if you're using the Flickr provided link, it's probably including the html link to your album. You should be able to post just the .jpg image. Either right-click on your photo and click "Copy Image Location" or when you get the code from Flickr, remove the url hyperlink. Does that make sense?
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    Oh I NEED this thread. My hubby came in yesterday and said that some guy was "following me" on Flickr. I had just gotten one from the drs and was kinda dazed and was like "huh?...I forgot i even have a few pictures on there! I don't use it, I use shutter fly or I put my pics on FB". My Flickr was private I THOUGHT!

    I tried to login to see what was up and cannot remember my password. I'm going to try again bc yahoo locked me out. But why would some random person follow me???


    ETA: I got in and checked - I have four pics of DD In Her old Roundabout right before we junked it. Several pics of a Louis Vuitton I sold on EBay. EVEYTHING was private except the purse images and one of a stroller.

    Weird bc this person who "followed me" was NOT into that! I made EVERYTHING private and blocked the weirdo. Changed all my settings to private.
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