Anyone have this? I thought it looked really cute in BBB, and is <$60 on Amazon, but a lot of the reviews seem to say it is too small and has wasted space because the fabric is bulky.

I'm looking for something non-girly (so my husband can carry it) that will fit under the Bob Motion stroller, so it has to be pretty small/flat. This will be for a newborn. I originally wanted a backpack diaper bag, but they are all too bulky, so I think we'll just use a regular backpack and carry it if we need that much stuff. So yeah, looking for something pretty slim, but still usable space-wise. I tend to pack light in general, but am a FTM, so who knows!

Any other suggestions are welcome too. I have a bad back, which is why I was looking for a backpack style bag, but if I'm gonna put it under the stroller anyway, messenger is ok I suppose.