Hi everyone!
Yesterday, I took my 5 year old in for her dental check up. We went to a new small chain dental office in our area. Her xray and cleaning were done, and then the dentist came in. She looked at her xrays for about a minute, looked in her mouth for about 20 seconds(didnt eveb touch her teeth:, scribbles some notes in her file...says "she has a lot of cavities, we'll need to see her again" and leaves. No explanation, no advice, no questions of her history (i don't even know what teeth are affected, other than its in her molars) The dental assistant takes me to a desk and says she'll need 4 crowns and 4 fillings, all silver!
When I look in her mouth, I don't see any visible cavities that would warrant a pulpotomy and crowns. Now, I know I'm not a dentist, but this doesn't seem right...I was nearly in tears. Please don't assume that I don't take care of my daughter's teeth. I do. We brush regularly and limit sweets, no soda, little juice. Her first dentist says she has defective enamel and will will be sensitive to decay.
I'm not shocked that she has cavities, but I am leary of this extensive treatment. Especially, when I don't see any holes or big cavities. I'm 40 and have had some nasty cavities, and have never needed anything other than a filling.
I feel this dentist is giving unnecessary extensive treatment. I felt like cattle being herded in and out.
I have a second opinion scheduled for friday, but wanted to ask for your opinions...