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    Default has anyone had their child on intuniv?

    DD1 is 11 and has been on concerta since 1st grade. In 4th grade we had to up the dosage to an uncomfortable level. She's recently developed new tics and the doc wants us to switch from concerta to intuniv or kapvay. From what i'm reading intuniv would be the better choice as she has a comorbid anxiety. If anyone else has used this med. i'd be interested to know what your experience was. Thanks.
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    We have used Tenex, the short-acting version of Intuniv, with good (not great) results. PM me if you want more details.
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    Yes, we use it and have for a few years now. While it does help greatly with impulse control, it does little for attention deficit. We pair it with Focalin during the school year.

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    Intuniv is the long-acting form of Tenex. DS has been on Tenex since last fall, with good results. It has helped a lot with his attention, and somewhat with anxiety and impulse control. DS has both ASD and ADHD, so the medicine does not completely resolve these issues, but it does make a noticeable difference.

    We we went with Tenex instead of Intuniv for a couple of reasons. The main one is that at the time it was first prescribed, DS could not swallow pills. Tenex tablets can be cut and crushed, but Intuniv has to be swallowed whole. Tenex also has a generic version and is much cheaper. I don't know if those things are factors for you, but they are just something to be aware of.

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    DD2 has been on Intuniv...she has a dx of ADHD-inattentive and anxiety. I think it does help with anxiety, but it really has not done much for attention. We've just started to pair it with Focalin and we are waiting and watching to see what happens....
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    DD1 took Intuniv for approximately 6 months a couple of years ago when the onset of puberty brought about some extreme anxiety that she just couldn't shake and had her in a really bad place. We were able to wean her down off of it and the anxiety remained at bay on it's own until just recently as her cycles are trying to regulate and the hormones are messing with her. We are not putting her back on it, simply because the anxiety isn't nearly as bad as before and she is learning ways to manage/cope on her own.

    ETA - she had no side effects, other than sleepiness. Her teachers at the time she weaned off of it said they did notice she was definitely more perky once she stopped taking it (she took it at night).
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