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    Default the latest in baby monitors....

    I'm looking for a baby monitor with the following:

    -dedicated parent unit w/ a video screen (to leave on the nightstand)
    -ability to view the video from my phone when I'm not at home
    -ability to add a camera and see both of these from my phone when I'm not home.

    there are 2 Summer Infant monitors that you have an app you can see the video when you're not at home, but 1). if you add a camera, you can only see one of them, and 2). the reviews on the app are HORRIBLE.

    does such a thing exist? I know there are plenty of cameras that will stream directly to your phone or ipad, but I'm not wanting to have my phone be the only monitor. I can't see myself finding it on the nightstand in the middle of the night, turning on, finding app, logging in, etc. Too much trouble for a quick look.

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    Hi there: We just launched a new site on baby monitors with our top picks:

    In a nutshell, there isn't a monitor out there with those features (besides the Summer ones you mention) that we would recommend.

    Wish we had better news!

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