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    Default First time pre school mom!

    Ok so my 4 YR old starts school in a month and I'm so nervous because he is just a tad spoiled (shame on mommy) I know it's bad but I am afraid he isn't going to know how to act at school or he will totally have a melt down when he gets told no, I know the teachers deal with this type of behavior every year since they are Pre school teachers right? I just need advice on how in a month I can kinda change his attitude. I'm only 24 and this is my first child in school, I don't even know what I'm supposed to do :/ I know I'm going to be the youngest mom there and I feel like everyone in this town already judges me. help please

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    Relax, all parents have a first child in school once. You won't be the only first timer.

    Re: behavior, I'd simply work towards consistency at home over the next month. If you tell him that you're leaving the park in five minutes do it. If he wants ice cream for breakfast say no gently but firmly. I'd also make sure your home routine is compatible with school by making sure bedtime/wakeup align with what he'll need to do for school.

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    I was young too with ds1. I sometimes got, "wow! You're such a baby!", a few times. It really never bothered me. (I just silently thought that they were old ).

    I don't think there's much to do. I'd just let him know that he'll need to try his best and use his good listening skills. At 4yo, he should get the hang if things quickly.

    If they have orientation things be sure and attend.

    Don't go in with a chip on your shoulder and expect people to be judging you. Age is secondary as you are all in this parenting thing together. You all have kids the same age. The footing is only uneven if you make it be. You have successfully parented your kiddo til now. Have confidence. . I probably had too much confidence (no doubt I was a big of a know it all) but I sure felt pretty well versed on things thanks to this board and my reading/ research. I did make some friends that have continued years later. So, be open minded, friendly, confident and help your kiddo be a good classmate and friend.

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    It's wonderful that your son will go to preschool. They'll really help him there with all the behaviors you're worried about. I agree that until then, consistency is the key. Don't be afraid to let him throw a tantrum (or twenty) and see that making a scene does not mean he will get his way or make mommy crazy. When he sees that his tantrums aren't effective, he will use them less often. It's okay to acknowledge his upset (we all get upset when things don't go our way), but that doesn't mean you're going to do what he wants.

    Don't worry about being young. Honestly, when it comes to parenting, a newbie is a newbie, and an experienced parent is experienced no matter what his or her age! I was 37 when I had my first, and I was a child development expert. I gave a lot of parents a lot of good advice. I still knew jack about parenting my own kids! I have a friend who's much younger who had her second a year before I did, and I relied on her experience a lot when first learning to manage two. You and all the other first-time pre-school moms are all in the same boat. Age has nothing to do with it.

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    Thank u all for the kind and very helpful words, we have been working on mommy not giving in when he throws a fit, talk about tough as I jave very little patience. And that's bad considering I also have a 2 YR old. But my oldest is a big ipad and phone junkie, that's his go to when "the day has just been too rough" we agreed he will continue to get to enjoy his games on the ipad after school starts when and only when I know he has behaved and all homework, if there is any, and chores are done. We are focusing on it being more of a reward when school starts than an everyday thing as it is now. I'm only 24 so I just hope that today's society or in today's society I'm doing what's best or to others standards, we live in a rather "persnickety" community.

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