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    Well, last night after school we stopped at Sam's Club and he saw some underwear with superheros on it and begged me to buy it. So I did and then when we got home he begged me to wear it. He wore his Green Lantern underwear around for an hour or so and then had an accident while helping me make a pizza. He didn't know what happened I explained to him that big boys pee on the potty and if he had peed on the potty he could have gotten some chocolate. I think I'm just going to follow his lead when we get home today if he wants to wear diapers or underwear.

    On the bright side, he is already reading a few sight words, mainly finding his name and picking "Superman" off a page of text!
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    I just want to send some support your way. I was pretty much in your spot back in May, but desperate to have DS trained before preschool (because preschool requires it). I eventually had to accept that he'd do it when he was good and ready, and not a minute before. I told him so, in so many words, and about a month later he decided he wanted to be trained. We made the deadline with about three weeks to spare.

    I don't think newly 3 is all that late for potty training.

    (and, FWIW, my son is totally illiterate. )
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    We did three day potty training. It worked really well. Basically, talked up the fact that we were getting rid of diapers on such and such date. The girls threw them away. They wore undies. If they had to go, they were supposed to go. If one started to have an accident I grabbed her, and dashed to the potty. I cleaned up a LOT of pee the first two days. I wanted to give up. Low and behold, day three, we went shopping at Trader Joes no diaper. They were potty trained! Woo hoo! They were approximately 2 years 7 months. I think sticking kids on a potty for a long time until they pee poop isn't a great way to potty train. They need to know when they have to go, not just go and they happen to be on the toilet.

    I think that some kids aren't ready to potty train by three. However, I do also feel that the pendulum has kind of swung too far in the other direction. Kids need guidance. I don't understand why for potty training it's OK now to just let the kid decide when s/he is ready. I don't let my kids decide when they're ready to use silverware vs their hands, or to start drinking with an open cup vs straw cup, or when they'll go to preschool. It just seems like some parents feel that any sort of parental encouragement to potty train is a bad idea and we should just wait for kids to decide to potty train on their own. I personally had no desire to have two 4 year olds demanding I change their poopy diapers.

    People know their own kids best, but I don't understand why there's so much advice to just wait. Maybe he just needs a bit more encouragement.
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    Ok I read most posts here and have to say OP we are in the same boat. DS moved to preschool 3 weeks ago and potty trained is a requirement. Well he almost always has poop accidents at home and sometimes pee as well although those are fewer. At school he somehow stays dry somedays and 2-3 days of the weeks has poop accidents.
    This is a child that has been in underwears( our daycare is against pull ups) since the start of 2014 in daycare!
    We have resigned to pull ups at home since it takes 30 minutes of cleanup after a poop accidents and we so not have time to do that 3-4 times a day plus he is not getting the message.

    To each his own, I am at my wits end but hanging in there. I am thinking of giving 3-day potty training a shot.

    I am from India and keep hearing everyone saying that kids there are potty trained by 1! I am now immune to that, clearly that's not my kid and I have a carpeted house here in the US unlike India where most homes have tiled floors so sanitizing is easier. I tell myself to not feel too bad he is not going to college in diapers.

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    I seriously would stop trying with a kid who has been resisting for weeks / months. Take a break and come back to it. Because the few kids I know who potty trained very late (like after 5) were the ones who did it halfheartedly off and on for years.

    With both my kids, I had a false start that was initially wonderful then fell apart. Both times I stepped away from it for a few months. And both times, when they decided they were ready (at about 3), it was a relatively easy process that took just a few days tops. So I am biased towards waiting.

    I know all kids are probably capable of PTing earlier- that's how it was when I was a kid before disposables and how it is in much of the world still. But it didn't work for me. And I see my experience echoed often here by other posters.
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