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    Default Malem or another brand of alarm?

    We are so done with nighttime wetting. DS2 was doing really well (as in staying dray maybe 75% of the time?) and this past week it has been like 25% of the time. He wants to be dry. I want him to be dry. We are ready to get an alarm as a last resort. I know everyone swears by Malem, but what about the other brands? Are they all pretty much the same? The Malem is about twice the price of some other brands. Is it worth it?

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    We have the WetStop and it works fine. It does go through batteries like crazy, and doesn't accept rechargeable batteries (whyyyyy?!?) but it has been consistent for us. The only thing I don't like is that the little claw that clips on to the pajama bottoms has left tiny holes in some of the thinner cotton pajamas.

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    Loved the malem. Best $100 I've ever spent on a kid item. I'd have paid twice that for the results we got with DD1. It took about 6-8 weeks to be "forever dry" but once we hit that point she never had another accident.
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    Ditto for my malem too

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