Hi my wife and I are new here and had our first child together 8 months ago. My daughter is going through what my wife Googled as sleep regression where my little one has so many ideas and things going through her head that she just can't sleep. I just want to know if this is normal. My daughter sometimes naps during the day for maybe 2 hours in total out of 3 small naps she used to nap for 4 hours in total. She usually goes to bed at 9_930 lately she's been going to sleep at 1130-100 one night she slept maybe an hour at a time for a total of 3 hours and stayed up till 5am then slept till nine. This stressed my wife and I due to the lack of sleep we got on account of it and caused me to have to miss work due to the lack of sleep being a safety hazard. Now the only way my wife can get my little one to sleep is by rocking her and holding her till she's out then coddling her all night beside her on the couch or bed. Before this my daughter slept in her crib all night waking up maybe 1-3 times just being hungry or wet. Were just at wits ends and taking it out on each other which isn't good.