I would never recommend a registry on Amazon.com to anyone for a wedding or baby or any other purpose. When I was initiating the registry, my husband and I had significant concerns regarding the ease of returns, but after reading through the information, I decided to go ahead. One of my family members purchased a car seat base from a third party seller that was, unfortunately, the wrong item for our car seat. When I tried to initiate a return, I was told by the customer service department that the only way to return the item is to contact the purchaser to have them initiate the return. This is a completely unacceptable way to manage a return process for a registry, as it requires me to insult the gift giver by asking them to return the item, and this is the purpose of having a gift receipt for a gift that you are giving to someone. When I spoke to two customer service agents, they insist that there is no other way that this can be handled, and that there is no other way that the sellers can be contacted outside of the gift-givers account despite the fact that I have the item, the receipt, and the ordering information. Amazonís customer service also offered no assistance in trouble shooting alternate ways for refunds. It baffles me that Amazon is basically taking no responsibility for the sellers who do business on this site and has no alternate means to contact them. We chose to register on amazon because we are busy professionals with busy professional friends, and thought that this would provide a significant level of convenience for us and our family and friends. Nothing could be further from the truth. My experience from customer service at Amazon was atrocious, and this process could not be more painful. I will post this review wherever possible because if I had known this information, I would have chosen to take my business elsewhere.