I have a classic ergo. I can't get it to fit me! First of all, while I'm not short I'm short waisted. Second, I have a small waist and larger, rounded hips. I am having a terrible time getting the ergo to fit! I had it on yesterday and it was loose around my hips but if I pulled it tighter it wouldn't fit. It just kind of slid up and down my hip area not really fitting either my waist or my hips! So essentially it ended up hanging off my shoulders, rather like the Baby Bjorn. I do often have a problem with things that are supposed to fit around the hips. I cannot use things like a Belly Bandit for the same reason. DD really doesn't seem to love the Ergo anyway so I might just get rid of it. I was hoping I'd be able to use it for a back carry for family hikes.