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    I have DD (2.5) in the cheap character undies from costco - I think they're fruit of the loom? They're a bit big on her but that makes it easier to pull them up and down, and having them so cheap means we have plenty of extras to stash around. She hasn't complained about them, and she basically potty trained entirely on her own initiative shortly after 2.

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    I just brought DD to Target and let her pick whatever she liked from the cheap-o character undies. She was way more excited because they were undies she picked herself. They're totally terrible quality and I don't think they're particularly comfy, but it meant I didn't mind at all throwing them away w/ accidents. Also, we started in the 2T/3T undies, but she outgrew them in a couple months so I was glad I didn't spend $$ on nice ones. Now she mostly wears Hanes .... still totally cheap, but she likes them better than her character undies b/c they're more comfortable. We did get a set of the thicker training undies, but I don't see the point....when she had an accident, she still peed through them, so it didn't really make a difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBaxter View Post
    I bought what ever the boys wanted. We did mostly naked potty training and commando for a while after that but we bought character undies what ever they were into. I never felt bad if I tossed a pair if they had a accident. Expensive undies I couldnt do for potty training.
    Agreed. We used the commando method for awhile and then he got to pick out whatever underwear he wanted as a sticker chart reward. He picked one of the cheap character packs at Target. It was nice to have cheap ones to carry in the car, diaper bag, extra just in case clothes bag for preschool, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedSuedeShoes View Post
    My kids really liked the feel of the Gerber ones with thicker middles (looks like they're called training pants). In fact, my youngest (who's 5.5) still only wears those despite the cute ones I bought him. They are just really comfortable.
    DS1 LOVED the pink Gerber training pants we had left over for DD - we intended for them to be back-up/emergency only! He liked them more than the Hannas we bought for him and more than any character undies. He was probably fully potty trained for at least a year before we got them out of his drawer. Being thicker didn't seem to help DD or DS1 train, but apparently they are indeed comfy!
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