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    So glad it worked out!

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    awesome update all around!
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    I would not spend $250 on a kid bike. DD is 9.5 and just shy of 50 inches. I took her in to get "fitted" where I bought my hybrid bike and the store owner said I should get her a 24 inch bike. she acknowledged it was a wee bit big but that if I got her a 20 inch (which is the next size down) and she had a growth spurt over the winter then she would already outgrow her. My old mountain bike is a 24 inch, and we've tried it on her twice, mostly recently last weekend, and she is just freaked out by the size (she is currently riding a 16 inch). Not to mention it is a boys bike and the body proportion just looks wrong. With the seat all the way down her down foot is in a perfect position but in the up position her leg is totally crunched.

    My neighbor has a 20 inch TREK that she is planning on getting out of their shed soon (her DD outgrew it) so we can at least try that. Otherwise, I am heading to Walmart where they sell Huffy 20 inch bikes for $49.95. I might add that's about $20 more than we've ever paid for a kid bike, because we've always bought them used from the dump store. They've been worked on before they go on sale, but we thought it was time for her to have a new (er) bike Our kids tend to feel much more comfy riding bikes that are just a wee bit undersized. They are much more confident.

    ETA: Just saw your awesome update! Score!
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