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    Default Need nightlight help!

    I can't believe I'm having so much trouble finding what I'm looking for...please help!

    I need a nightlight for the baby's nursery. For DD1, we used the nightlight I used when I was a's a porcelain rocking horse that has a hole in the bottom, where a nightlight lightbulb on a cord can be inserted. The corded part then plugs into the wall. I'm looking for something similar for the baby (DD1 still uses hers). It needs to have a cord, because we don't have any exposed outlets in the baby's room (the room has minimal outlets, and they're covered up by the dresser. So, I need to be able to sit the light on the dresser and drop the cord down to the outlet to plug in. I'm finding only 2 types of lights in my searches so far -- either nightlights where they plug directly into an outlet (and would be covered up by the dresser), or nightlights that run on batteries. I hate the waste of battery powered things, so I'm very against those too. Do you know anywhere I can find a simple corded nightlight? (it could be baby-ish for DD2, or more "big kid", and I could give it to DD1).

    I'm really hoping for one where I can change the lightbulb inside, too -- DH is very against nightlights (due to sleep disruption issues), but I don't know how to survive without them (how else to I nurse in the middle of the night? I'm not that good!) -- so if I'm insisting on using a nightlight, he really wants me to be able to use a red light bulb, as that apparently disrupts sleep the least.

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    Not exactly a night light, but we used this with a regular lamp for DS. It's kind of like a dimmer switch on an extension cord. It worked very well because we could keep a very dim light on for nighttime feedings. If we needed to have a brighter light, you could turn it up and use it as a regular light.

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    Do a google search for Ikea Childrens Wall Lamp. There are a few different options there (flower, star, moon). They might be bigger than you're looking for, but they sound similar to what you want.

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    Search "vintage nursery nightlight" on etsy.

    I have one that isn't vintage, but I don't know where it came from as it was a gift, maybe a craft fair. It's a wood block with a light inside and the word Dream cut out on the from.

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