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    Default Video Monitor for Multi Room Scan

    Hello. Our old video monitor stopped working and I am looking to replace ASAP. I have two younger kids that each have a camera in their rooms and a baby on the way. I need a monitor that can scan all three rooms automatically as well as work from longer distances as all kids rooms are upstairs and we are down. (Our previous Summer Infant Multi-View allowed us to scan each room every 8 seconds with both video and audio.) Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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    We have a Motorola monitor that does just that. Our bedroom is downstairs, and we have used our monitor to scan all three kids' rooms upstairs. No issues with it except that the night vision is pretty limited. Ours is the MBP36, but it is 5 or 6 years old, so I'm sure the newer ones are even better.
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    if you have any old smart phones around you can probably use them to set up monitoring system. We are using our old iPhone 4 and 4s with an app. There are several to choose from.
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