I currently have a Moby Wrap, a Maya Wrap (ring sling) and a Pikkolo carrier. My sister just gave me a Tula, which is another soft-structured carrier like the Pikkolo. However, she gave me the gift receipt and encouraged me to exchange it for a different carrier if I'd rather. From the looking I've done online, I don't see any major differences between the Tula and the Pikkolo that would benefit me from having both. Anyone have a different experience? If you don't think it's worth it to have both the Tula and the Pikkolo, any suggestions on other carriers I should check out, based on what I already have? I did a TON of babywearing with DD1 (until she was about 2 and just ready to be out and moving herself), and I anticipate doing a lot with DD2 as well, so I do like having options for carriers. Thanks!