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    Default Video monitor issue

    I'm new to this website so I hope this is the right forum to ask this. We bought a Motorola baby monitor with 2 cameras 2.5 years ago. After a year the sound suddenly didn't work. We got another under warranty and now the electric outlet on the monitor broke for no apparent reason. Doing some research it sounds like there. We're plenty of others with the same problems. Store manager agreed to a refund so I could pick something else. The other brands they have are summer and samsung. I can't find my baby bargains book right now and it's a few years old. Anyone have any feedback on those 2 brands? Can someone check to see how those brands are rated in the book?


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    Samsung is the recommended brand. It's a PTZ (point/ tilt/zoom) monitor. I was set of the Samsung SEW 3041W until, I just today came across (what appears to be a newly released model) the SEW 3043W. This new one comes with the same features as the 3041W but has 4 preset lullabies, HD 720p camera, and a bigger 5" inch screen monitor (compared to the 4.3").... I've tried to read some reviews on this new one but, there are not many out there yet.

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