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    Wink Bookshare! It's amazing for anyone with a print reading disability!

    Hey Guys,

    I just found out about bookshare,!
    (Sorry, I don't know how to link on iPad)

    My daughter has a language disability and attends a school for dyslexiA, but I had to find out about this on my own when I was searching for assistive technology. There are 100's of thousands of books already in it and the best thing is that it is free with a signature from your pediatrician or the school. It reads and shows you the words on the screen, there is a way to use it with a braille reader too! I am using it on the ipad with an app called voice dreamreader, the best $10 i have spent all year, and now I don't need to checkout Audiobooks and printbooks from the library, it is had to get the same titles for what we have been trying to do--read and listen at the same time.

    If your kids have dyslexia or another print disability, try it! It's free!

    (I don't work there, I am just really happy with this service!)

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    We love Bookshare too! Both my son and Dad use it - they both have dyslexia. My Dad loves the Voice Dream reader app for Ipad. You can customize literally everything - font, margins, spacing, text and background color - and best of all, Bookshare books can be downloaded directly into it. If you have Voice Dream reader installed on your Ipad, when you go to download within Bookshare, it will give you the option to put it right into Voice Dream.

    Bookshare also has a reciprocal membership agreement with Learning Ally (volunteer read audio books, many with companion ebooks). My son likes Learning Ally better than Bookshare because of the real human voices. Anyway, if you are approved as a person with a qualifying disability with Bookshare, you don't have to submit anything to Learning Ally - they'll just verify your Bookshare membership. Learning Ally does cost though - but in our house it is totally worth!

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