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    Default 18" doll recs (as friends for our AG dolls)

    Thinking ahead for Christmas presents..... Lately both DD's have been having a lot of fun with their AG dolls. So much fun that they have commened that their dolls need friends. And when I suggested that since their are two of them, each doll already has a best friend in the other's doll. But that's not what they meant of course! So I found an Our Generation tent along with a Madame Alexander doll for $20 total on Ebay and bought it. But now I need to find another "friend" (they'll just fight if there is only 1 friend, they each want their own). I realize that the quality of other brands is not up to par w/ AG, especially when it comes to hair. But since we already own two AG dolls, I am not investing in more. I think the ones they have will always be their favorites, and the friends are just for added fun. So I'm totally fine w/ knock-offs, but I don't want something that will fall apart or hair will become a matted mess within days either. And I want it to have similar sizing as the AG dolls, so all dolls can share clothes. Recs on best brand? I've been scouring Ebay for another cheapy in nice shape. Am also thinking that straight hair will be easier to maintain than curly (or at least for me to brush and braid back, which is how we are surviving w/ my original Samantha that my DD2 now proudly calls her own) . I love the faces on the MA dolls but am open to other ideas. Also, does anyone know if there is a difference in quality among the various MA sub-brands? I can get a pretty cheap Dollie and Me by MA from Kohls when a 30% off coupon comes around. Our Generation dolls seem to come pretty cheap on Ebay as well, but I've heard quality is not so great on those?

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    My girls each have an Our Generation doll from Target. Both a 6 mos old and are played with pretty heavily. Both look great. They use and AG hair brush on their hair and its held up well. We also have a number of the OG clothes and accessories and those have held up well too.

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