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    Default Kids poop

    This is definitely a TMI sort of post so I'm warning you now...

    My DS is almost three and I feel like his poop has changed almost overnight. It used to be "normal". Now he is having large quantities of poop. Like so large they look like they couldn't come out of his tiny body. The poop is very soft and liquidy - just one step above diarrhea. It doesn't look "normal". The frequency hasn't increased. It's just once or twice a day. He seems to be eating normally. Occasionally he will complain of a tummy ache, but it's normal for him to variably complain of some ache or pain cause he loves getting ice pack and band aids so I don't think that's real. He has a cold - cough and runny nose but he's a day care kid and seems to have that at all times. His diet hasn't changed in the past two weeks. The only other change is that we potty trained about 6-8 weeks ago. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it - like he's trying to hold it so he is going more at one time. That still wouldn't explain why it's so mushy would it?

    I just can't tell if this is normal of if I should be worried. He has his three year old well child check in he beginning of November so I can tell his doctor then, but if you think I should be worried I can call and take him in sooner.

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    Around that age I remember my DS coming out of the bathroom and saying "come and see my man poop!". I think it's probably just maybe a change in diet (is he drinking more water?) or maybe a slight virus that isn't showing in any other way.

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    Yeah, well since it's a TMI post to begin with, around 3 my DD woke me up one morning proclaiming "Mommy, I just took a HUGE dump!" (yes, my lovely DH taught that to I know the feeling of "how did that all come out of that little body???" As long as he's not acting sick I wouldn't worry about it.

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    My DD is going through the same thing-- gigantic piles of loose stool. I do know that my DD suffers from constipation often, so when I see loose stool I often worry that it's squeezing its way around a hard poop. Watch for a ball of poop or for straining. If you see any of that, pile on the fruit and fiber. We're not typically an applesauce or juice family. We eat whole fruit, but when constipation strikes, I buy apple sauce and warm it up. Our pediatrician recommended it, and somehow the warm applesauce helps in our house.

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