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    Default Bedwetting alarm

    DD1 is 7.5, and desperately wants to be out of pull-ups at night. She wakes up in the morning soaked- we think she's just a super deep sleeper. We tried just switching to undies for a few nights- no luck. I've seen quite a few people here have had success with bedwetting alarms, so we're thinking of trying it out. Just a few questions/concerns for those of you who have used these alarms:

    - DD is a very anxious child. Last winter/spring, she was waking up a lot in the night, scared, wanting to sleep in our bed, etc. We've finally gotten back to the point that she is now sleeping through the night in her own room, and we're worried that this alarm trial will set her back to square one with her sleep issues.

    - I know a lot of people here recommend the Malem alarm. Looking online where I am (Canada), the Malem alarm is very expensive ($200). The Chummie alarm is half that here ($100), and seems to get good reviews. Anyone use the Chummie alarm with success? Any other good alarms besided the Malem or Chummie?

    Any other advice, suggestions, etc. would be MUCH appreciated before we go down this road!
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    We used the Malem alarm around the same age for my DS. It sounds like she really wants to do it which is key to success. My experience wasn't typical as it only took about 3 nights. My DS was afraid of the sound (it was loud) which I think may have helped him as he was afraid for it to go off. After the first night we put it on vibrate only and he was less anxious about it. I would suggest one with options (the Malem was sound, vibrate & a light I believe and you could use one or all). If you only use vibrate you want to be somewhere where you can hear it bc if she does not wake on her own you will need to wake her. Good luck!

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    We used the wet stop alarm, and it worked for My DS. It could have been his age ( just shy of 6 yrs old) but it took a loooong time to get consistently dry nights, I think all said and done it was at least 13 weeks of multiple nightly wake ups. I initially thought he was wetting once or maybe twice a night, but once we started the alarm we realized he was peeing at least three times a night, sometimes 4. The alarm rarely ever woke him. We would get to him and it would be sounding and vibrating and he'd sleep right through it. I'm not sure how it ever worked because he woke up and took himself to the bathroom maybe 2 or three times the entire process. Somehow though, the wetting slowed and he began to go longer and longer between peeing until he was only wetting ever other night and then not at all. After about 13 weeks of the alarm, he's been dry nightly. I'd do it again, but we'd wait until he was older ( which obviously isn't a concern for you since your LO is older).

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