After $40 off it comes to $259.99, which seems pretty good especially factoring in the free shipping!

I've had a Vitamix for 2+ years (which gets used at least 2x a week, daily in the summers) but was intrigued by a Blendtec demo at a Costco a few months ago. What drew me to it was 1) the shorter, square shape (not as tall, easier to fit under cabinets, etc), 2) dull blades - no cutting when cleaning 3) no need for a tamper (this one's huge for me..sort of hate dealing with the mess) and 4) demo guy showed how can use it to make slushy "snow" for snow-cones (this sold my DH!!). I didn't get it then bc it seemed ridiculous to get one since we already had a Vitamix and plus we were moving. but lately iv'e been making more paleo/homemade dressing recipes (that make smaller amounts) it seems like Blendtec may be better for these things. got Costco cash card and our anniversary is today and saw the sale so I went ahead and bit the bullet! can't wait. i may end up getting the Twister jar too (amazon has it for $69) which seems like it's made for making dressing/nut butters.

anyway, just figured i'd share in case anyone was on the fence.