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    Default Uppa baby rumble seat

    My sister is expecting #4 and is thinking about getting the rumble seat for her uppa baby stroller. does anyone have it? Do you like it? does it make the stroller hard to push?
    Thanks so much!!!!
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    i don't have the rumble seat but i have the piggyback and it's fabulous! i feel like the rumble seat is not viewed very favorably in general...

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    Default Uppa baby rumble seat

    Rumble seat is great as a second seat for a toddler/older kiddo. It doesn't replace a true double stroller with the ability to recline etc. but if you have a child who doesn't need to ride all the time, the rumble seat is a light and easy addition to use. I was a stroller aficionado and just sold my Uppa Baby and all the accessories and it was a great stroller and the rumble seat worked beyond its stated weight limit (forgot to check and older child was heavy!) and kids all loved the stroller. Halloween was the stroller with piggyback, rumble and regular seat all in use. (Mine have 2.5 year spread between them so toddler to preschool for rumble seat and tall bigger oldest on the piggyback.)

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    Rumble seat worked fine for short trips, but I wish I had the piggyback instead. the older child can't see anything but the back of the seat. it is somewhat harder to push, but I think that is two kids vs. one and how long it becomes.
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    I never had the rumble seat, but I LOVED my piggyback! My son was still able to use that sucker at age 7 when we went to Disney and he got tired of walking. We got years and years of use out of it.

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