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You are absolutely right. I have no problem with saying "wow, I wouldn't wear that" to myself. Or even to my child (I said that a few times while watching the red carpet last night). I have no problem with anyone forming an opinion like that at all. I may have been reading too much into some of these posts - as I was thinking that people shouldn't be allowed to wear them.

And honestly, my issue is what we tell our girls. My DD is tall and thin and 9, and she can wear leggings and looks great. I worry that we are targeting overweight girls and that I don't like. And I personally just can't get over the thought that I need to dress her more conservatively because of what a hormonally charged boy may think.
Maybe it's because I have younger DDs right now, but I'm not even thinking about the body image/weight implications or the possible sexualization of types of clothing. I'm really just concentrating on a fit between clothing and occasion, and really behavior and occasion. Right now my DD's want to wear pajamas all day, including out to the grocery store. I don't mind the pajamas all day while they are at home, but I feel like I need to draw the line when they want to wear pajamas out to the store at 2pm on a Sunday, or to go get ice cream, or whatever.