DD's bedroom (which she is FINALLY using full-time) is located over our garage, which means it gets a little chillier than the Master bedroom, at the back of the house, at night.

I am still contemplating drapes for extra insulation, but would prefer blackout or other insulating drapes to keep her room cooler in the summer as well as warmer now that it's cold outside.

Target & Walmart carry the Eclipse brand, which gets mediocre reviews. Target also offers blackout drapes in its Circo line for about the same price point ($15-$25 per panel, depending on length; we're looking at 63" because 84" will be too long.)

IKEA has both blackout curtains and blackout curtain liners, but the full-bore blackout curtains aren't appropriate for her room.

Other than sewing my own, which I have considered (I've measured & done the math, but home decor fabric is EXPENSIVE and that blackout stuff is not cheap either), where should I look for nice quality drapes that will be insulating?

Her room is painted lavender and she has a pink flower IKEA BLOMMA wall lamp. (It's pink with a green cord & switch.)

Her bedding is a mix of IKEA (duvet cover & pillow sham) and Circo, with a lavender & gray quilt from PBK. (It's been discontinued, but the design was BAILEY - it's got woodland animals like foxes and hedgehogs appliqued on a white background with lavender & gray accents.)