My 9yo has always clogged the toilet nearly every time he pooped, but we figured he was putting too much toilet paper in at once. When we moved (in Nov), we hoped that maybe the new house wouldn't have such weak toilets. No such luck!! Here, the clog happens 100% of the time in any toilet he uses.

It turns out that he's not even wiping before the first flush. We finally checked out the problem... and what's coming out of him is far too huge to get down the hole in the toilet, by width and length (it can't even spin around in the water most times). I've never seen anything like it, and can't believe it doesn't cause him pain or a struggle.

What can we do??? He doesn't seem constipated and says he's able to go very easily. Could this still be a form of constipation? Is it time to check in with his doctor?