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    I don't have girls so probably shouldn't even be contributing, but I don't see why you wouldn't want to educate them about all the options, including the cup, and the pros and cons of each just so that they know what's available to them. I started using a cup when I was 21, so it has been nearly 20 years for me. While I probably wouldn't have used it when I first got my period at age 13, I would have started earlier if I had been aware of the cup earlier. Then again, when I started using it very few people seemed to know what a menstrual cup was and using one was much more unusual than it is now. Personally, I hate tampons. In light days when you take them out and they are too dry.... Ouch.

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    I would let her know it's an option but wait and see how it goes, definitely start with tampons or the disposable instead cups first. I was never able to use tampons as a teenager either, probably got too tense trying to figure it out, so a cup would have been a definite no!

    Moms with pad wearing teens, have you considered asking them them to try mama cloth? WAY cheaper, I think more comfortable, and supposedly makes flow lighter since all the chemicals/crap in maxipads aren't there. I don't know how true that is but started using mamacloth as panty liners while prg with DS3 and then for postpartum and really like them.

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    I've been a diva (and mama cloth) user for more than 11 years. I love it but agree that the learning curve is high. I starting using tampons fairly young and switched to non applicator early on, as well, so I wasn't squeamish about the insertion issue by he time I switched but it was still tough. DD is familiar with my cloth pads/liners/ diva cup and it is something I've talked to her about even though she is just barely starting to "bud". I will eventually provide her with a cup at some point but absolutely do NOT recommend the diva as a first cup. It is firm and long and wide, even in size 1. I would research smaller and softer (but not to soft) cups before getting her one when the time comes. My plan is or provide her with cloth and paper pads and encourage her to give he cloth a good try when she is at home. Cloth liners for sure, though, since there is no leakage issue with liners.

    My plan for internal period protection for her would be to start with applicator tampons until she is comfortable with them, then non applicator style, then offer a cup of she would like to try.

    There is a teen girl in the UK who has a cloth pad biz and also does YouTube videos on all sorts of tmi girl topics, from cloth pad use to menstrual cups. She has a TON of videos with reviews of different cups, and tutorials on things like to to fold and insert a cup. Her frankness is refreshing but also cracks me up! Highly recommend checking them out, even for yourself if you want to try a cup. Diva may be easiest to obtain but not the best fit for everyone, esp a young girl. A have a sckoon (which she doesn't recommend) simply because I got a deal on it and had heard it was softer and shorter than diva. It is ok but I wish I'd discovered this girls videos before I bought, as I would have chosen differently. I still use diva for my super heavy days since it has the largest capacity (and still leak at times and have to empty 3 times a day) but the sckoon is much more comfortable so I use that whenever I can get away with it.

    ETA: as far as capacity compared to pads, when I was having bleeding issues and went to the gyn she said a full diva is equal to 3-4 fully soaked super pads, based on the mL capacity of each.

    ETA 2- def do NOT use the disposable cups as an intro to cups because you/she will end up hating them. Not at all the same as reusable cups. Very messy, very leaky, and very hard to use properly. If the diva has a steep learning curve the instead disposable ones are like a sheer vertical cliff with no footholds.
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    Are you speaking of something like the Instead Softcup? I love them and they are not leaky, messy, or hard to use. In fact I quit using the Diva all together cuz it was such a pain.

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