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    I'm about 8.5 weeks from my due date. Since this is our second DC, I'm trying to stick to essentials. However, I do not own a rock n play. I've read many threads and posts suggesting I get one. I see that Fisher Price now offers an "auto" rock n play. Do I need the auto feature? I've read on Amazon that it can be quite loud.
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    I can't speak to it being loud or not -- but I bought the non-auto one for my baby last summer, and I really wished I'd paid a bit more for the auto-rock. My baby has never been enthused by vibration (which the standard has), but loves movement....we would have gotten a lot more use out of it if it had auto-rock. I personally don't worry much about it being loud, either, as babies are usually fine with loud noises as long as they're constant, and our white noise machine would probably drown it out anyways.

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