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    I was just coming on to post this exact question--could have written your post JElaineB!

    I booked an appointment with my stylist for my DS but would like to give her some examples. DS has super thick straight/wavy hair and usually resists getting his hair cut but his hair has grown out to the point that he actually is asking for one. I suspect that he wants something more stylish than the generic "little boy haircut" that he's always had but he doesn't like his hair getting in his eyes and he def won't use any product. So the long undercut style prob won't work for him.

    This website has a bunch of trendy hairstyles:

    Still looking for ideas though so pls post if you have suggestions!

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    My son is a low maintenance kid, but this year, decided he likes having the front of his hair go up a bit, so is now into putting in product! I think it's the middle school thing, and finally he cares about how he looks. He has super thick straightish hair. The stylist can also help you and give suggestions. My son LOVES his stylist, and has become quite into his hair since getting this new cut! The back and sides are pretty short (no buzz though) and the top is probably 1 or 1.5 inches right after it's cut.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kali View Post
    he def won't use any product.
    I thought the same about DS but he got a dose of DH's curls that appear when either of them let their hair grow and DS uses product to comb out the wave. I'm hopeless on hairstyles, being DH's department since that first cut (the curls!) so no help there.

    IIRC DNephew went product crazy in middle school as well. His hair crunched.
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