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    I made her a smoothie with frozen fruit, juice, plain yogurt, and 1T of chia seeds. She said it was "delicious"!
    Who knows, her opinion could change next week, but for now I am enjoying the victory.

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    This is what DS lives on for dinner!
    6 frozen strawberries (use crush ice mode on blender, then scrape down side)
    1/2-1 c plain kiefer (you need the tanginess plus adds protein)
    1 banana
    1 scoop Jay Robb's vanilla protein powder (bought it on Amazon)

    The protein powder is sweet IMO so it tastes better with kiefer than milk. This makes a big smoothie--DS wolfs it down.
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    These are probably a little high in sugar for some. I just buy whatever protein powder is cheap and vanilla flavored.

    1 c strawberries (fresh or frozen...fresh is much better)
    6 oz. yogurt any flavor
    6 oz. milk (fill yogurt container)
    1 heaping T protein powder
    1 T sugar
    drop of vanilla
    sprinkle of cinnamon

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    Some people use silken tofu instead of/in addition to yogurt. Food for thought!

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