I'm so confused so I apologize for this question. I ordered a box of size 6 diapers, same type we had been using in size 5 (huggies snug and dry). I was going to swap out the emergency diapers in the cars and realized they were the exact same except for the number printed on them. I even stretched them out in all directions and they are identical. I wrote to Kimberly Clark and basically said this can't be right, can it? Then, while waiting for a response I was at target and compared the smallest packages of size 5 and size 6 and it seems like at least folded they might be the same? Every other size transition has seen an increase in both the rise and girth of the diapers but I've never bought size 6 before. KC ended up writing me back with an apology and refunded the cost of the diapers but they didn't directly answer whether size 6 is bigger than size 5. Anyone know or have both on hand to compare? I don't want to buy more size 6 just to find they are identical to the size 6 (and 5) I already have.