Does anyone have or have used both of these strollers to offer a comparison? I was all set to buy a BOB dualie because we have enjoyed our BOB single and still love the push of the dualie but then started reading glowing reviews on the BJ and now am unsure . When I first started double stroller shopping, I only wanted to purchase one stroller and use it for jogging and errands but I scored a super deal on a Maclaren double techno so now we at least have an alternative stroller and won't need this as our sole double. The one thing I didn't like on our BOB was that the seat didn't sit up fully. We have a city mini GT and I love it and it folds so easy. I would just get that in a double but want to be able to jog. The one downside I have seen from the summit is that it does not appear to be able to use a car seat adapter but I'm not sure that is a deal breaker.

If you have used or bought the summit, what made you buy this stroller over another jogging stroller?

I was looking to go see one in person but not sure what place would sell it so I can test it out. What BM stores sell this stroller? We just moved back to near the KC metro area so have many more options than we used to have

Thanks for any reviews!