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    Default Scar tissue? 20 weeks (Long)

    I had my 20 week u/s today and the tech asked if I've ever had a c section(nope) because she saw scar tissue.

    I don't know if this should be the b* forum or pregnancy...

    Now, this is a trigger for me because of my experiences last year. I had a missed miscarriage and a subsequent D&C. A significant change in my periods and a couple more early losses and I diagnosed myself with ashermans syndrome (4 losses in a matter of 6 months). When I went to my ob (technically midwife that works in the ob's office) after my last early loss last year, she said she's never seen ashermans in all her years, etc. and the losses are probably due to my age. Knowing my mom's and grandmother's fertile old ages, I highly doubted it was my old age. I was still convinced it was ashermans. She gave me the name of a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) Fertility Specialist if I really wanted to go that route.

    I went that route because my only other choice in my eyes was another early loss. I couldn't bear going through that again. He did a saline ultrasound, said there was no scar tissue (I specifically asked and sent a follow up email asking) and then tried selling me IVF a million times over. (upon further research, flat scar tissue can go undetected by a saline ultrasound and a hysterogram is the gold standard for diagnosing ashermans). He also did a plethora of blood tests on my and DH and a SA on DH (despite us having 3 healthy wonderful kids under our belts). Whatever. Standard procedure and all that jazz.

    I decline the IVF a million times over and get prego naturally (as I've proven I can) but I was also on progesterone to help maintain the pregnancy. Early on, my levels started to drop so they upped my progesterone until the 1st trimester was over.

    Today, I go in for my 20 week us and the tech asks about the scar tissue. You know, the scar tissue that everyone has denied. I ask the U/S tech if it is a problem for fetal grown and she says no. I ask the midwife and she says, get this (paraphrasing) "since you've never had a c section nor a uterine infection, the scar tissue has to be on the outside of your uterus." Um no, I had surgery on my uterus with my d&c last year that could very well have caused scar tissue and she just said it's no big deal, no issues for baby. -

    But back to the basics... should I be worried about growth restriction for the baby? or Placenta accreta? Should I just go straight to finding a new ob? This practice of 1 ob and 2 midwives is where I've gone for all my babies and they have my history. Right now, my placenta is in the front of my uterus, but I don't know where the scar tissue is. Next apt is in about 4 weeks. I came home today and just cried because I was finally validated, well, at least by the u/s tech that told me I do have scar tissue.

    Sorry it's so long. I'm having a lot of "feels" going on.

    As always, please feel free to share your thoughts/feelings/advise. I welcome it.

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    No worries on growth restriction for sure, a baby's growth would be way stronger then scar tissue (I have had a severely growth restricted baby, but I had a "bad placenta" and not good blood flow due to severe preeclampsia) and it is very very very unlikely that with no c-sections accreta is a concern. (I have had 4 c-sections and my doctors including one high risk were really only moderately concerned.)

    It sounds like you have lost a lot of trust in your midwife/ob. If I didn't trust my doctor I would look for a new one but that's me.

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