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    Default Biokleen Bac-Out questions

    Do people recommend this line of products? I've never used them. What do you use them for?

    Specifically - Has anyone used bac-out on hardwood floors? What product do you use, how do you use it (rinse?), and does it leave a sticky residue? I'm wondering if I could wash our whole floors with it -- how would I do that? I usually just steam clean hardwood floors but haven't ever actually mopped We moved into this house a year ago, and I keep getting a whiff of cat urine so am wondering if it's on the floors somewhere (even though I've cleaned the floors with water before).

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    I use the concentrated multipurpose cleaner all around my house. In bathrooms, mop kitchen floor, etc. I have also used the bathroom cleaner. We like the smell but it's easier for me to use one product. I use bac-out around the bottom of the toilet to get rid of smell from bad aim as well as occasionally in laundry. I've used it to spot clean our wood floors, but usually use Bona. I didn't find it sticky and don't rinse my kitchen floor after using the concentrated cleaner.

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    I use the stain remover on really dirty clothes and bad spots on my carpet. I've never tried any of the other bac out products.
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    For cats you really want a cat specific enzyme cleaner. We just used anti- icky poo on some old cat pee (from our late incontinent cat so pretty extensive) and it worked great. I believe it's safe for hard surfaces.
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